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Our goal is to make it easy for you to share your information with the people you meet. At conferences, business meetings, or your child's soccer match, use ** and your mobile number to provide contacts with your personal or professional info.
You're always in control of the information you share and who you share it with.

How it works


Enter the contact information you want to share with others. (Don't worry, we don't share data with any third parties or marketing lists.)


Have people dial ** plus your phone number from their mobile phones. They don't need an app or a **myInfo account to receive your info. (Alternately, you can send your info to someone by entering their phone number on your **myInfo page and tapping Send.)


We'll text the info you choose to share, personal or professional, which people can easily add to their phone.


When your info changes, you can choose to send updates to your contacts.

What people say

Gina C.

I really liked how easy it was. Once the set up is complete, I have a digital business card for life!! I LOVE this concept and am happy it was so easy.

Jeff M.

I am at trade shows a lot and handing out business cards doesn't always work. With StarStar myInfo I can get my info into the customer's phone and have a better chance of getting called back.

Amy B.

When I'm on the soccer field with other moms, I say, "Press Star Star and my number and all my contact info will come to you - my email and everything." It's just a fantastic way to not have to type everything in.

Your digital business card


You choose the info to share:
professional or personal.
We don't sell or share your data with any third parties.


Faster and more accurate than scanning a business card. No app download required. LinkedIn integration makes set-up a snap!

Get yours: call **myInfo (**694636)

from your mobile phone*
* Message and data rates may apply. Requires mobile phone service within the U.S. from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.